the city of blinding lights

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so today was halloween!

I did lots of shopping.

New Yorkers have creative costumes. o_o;

the city was insanely busy today.

at the time, I was baffled.

then I remembered it was a friday, AND halloween.


and it’s cold..

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hey y’all.

I’m in the big apple.


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so this is my last post till I come back from my tour.



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“so…you like black?”

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kyla, patisserie queen, please identify the following image.

So I finally found good food, at a french patissare. It’s dawned on me that I am kind of a food snob.
Sigh. but everything was really good at julians.
now I am at claudettes and no longer alone. yay!
here are some pictures.

day six

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it’s been raining, cold, and WINDY here all day.
I still went to the farmers market though and got some great scones.
mmmm. scones.
I wish I had gone earlier though, but there were random people I had to make sure were okay first.
[ bus full of christan fellowship students, anyone? ]
later on I went out for dinner with sarah and sonia. =)
tomorrow I move out and in with claudette.
it won’t let me post pictures right now.
maybe later.

food I bought since I left, not including groceries

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I am just trying to make a list, to see exactly where my money has been going.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat anything fun….

horrible breakfast on train: $10.00
good panini in montreal, w drink: $7.00
A slice of pizza from quinpool: $2.00
beef samosa: $3.00
veggie samosa: $2.00
horrible horrible breakfast today: $5.50
when I finally broke down and bought a cookie [today]: 1.75
and a mini pie: $1.75
fish and chips, that weren’t that great: $8.00
pizza with claudette: $5.00

and that’s it.

eek. that’s like $40. but then again, that is since I left last saturday.

I deserve some good food, don’t I? Tomorrow is the farmers market. I will take pictures there.
I’m tired of eating pasta and bread every day x_x oh and Im going out for dinner on saturday. that should be good.
so far, the food in halifax hasn’t impressed me. hopefully those two events will redeem it.
I plan on eating nicer food once I leave the city and go on the tour. For some strange reason, I’m
really looking forward to the food in P.E.I

day three

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the internet has pretty much become HORRIBLE in the last couple of days.
It finally let me upload one picture, it’s for kyla, and it’s where my bed is.
Now I am going out. yay~


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so I decided to make a travel blogish thing.

I figure that I will use it another time, during my other travels.

today this cat woke up up. it came onto my roof, and I let her in.

her name is L. I wish she would come back. She was good company.