Trip of a Lifetime: Egypt

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So, last month I was fortunate enough to be invited on what you could call the trip of a lifetime. I went to Egypt! For two weeks. The tour company that we went with was called Royal Egypt/Just Egypt. For the most part, they were pretty excellent. I’m going to start with trying to post a day at a time.

Day 1:

We flew from Toronto to Paris, and then Paris to Cairo. Being so close to Paris and not being able to LEAVE THE TERMINAL “damn near killed me,” in the words of Holden Caulfield. I was able to eat a super yummy croissant, and have a pretty good chocolate ganache macaroon though. When we finally landed in Cairo, it was pretty late, around 9pm, and the airport was hectic. They stamped our passports, we exchanged some money, and then we went off to find our guide.

Our guide dropped us off at our hotel in Giza, and we pretty much fell asleep. (the call to prayer woke me up about 3 times, though.)

Day 2: Jan/23

Breakfast at hotel.8: 30 A.M. You will meet with your guide at the lobby to tour some of Egypt’s most ancient sites:
the ruins of Memphis at the edge of the western desert, Egypt’s first Capital until the end of the Kingdom and one of the most important cities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. Close to Memphis, we drive to Sakkara, the
City of the dead with the famous step Pyramid of Djosser. Lunch at local restaurant. Continue your tour the Pyramids of Giza, The Great Pyramid Cheops (Khufu’s), is the largest one of the three and one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, was built In the 4th dynasty about 2690 B.C.In front of the Pyramid of Chephren, there stand the alabaster Sphinx, which was discovered in 1912,carved from a single piece of stone. It is a lion with a Pharaoh’s head thought to be a portrait of the Pharaoh Chephren.

Breakfast was buffet style, and there were lots of different types of breads. We went to meet our guide, who was very much like a teacher. He really wanted to make sure we understood this history behind everything, and he would get annoyed when we took pictures outside of our allotted “photo time.” We saw Memphis, which was kind of like an outdoor open air museum. We saw a small sphinx, a mummification table, and the ruins of great statues. After, we went to see one of pyramids, the step Pyramid of Djosser. It was great to see it, but it was under visible construction, which was a little sad. After, we went to a buffet for lunch. The restaurant was full of tourists getting off of their tour buses. I didn’t really like the food, and it felt like it was kind of the go to place to take busloads of tourists. It didn’t feel very authentic, but the bread (as usual?) was delicious.

After lunch we went to see the great pyramids. They were huge! We also got to ride camels, my favourite part. Camels make pretty horrifying noises. Case in point. I didn’t realize that getting on a camel would be so SCARY. They are HUGE. I kept feeling like I was going to fall off at any second. It was also not confidence inspiring that my other three travel companions had their camels led around by grown men, and my camel was led by a 4 year old, non English speaking little boy. (Ahmed). It was a lot of fun, though. After the camel rides, they day was over. I decided to visit the local mall, which had a surprising variety of womens fashions. It was weird, because the mall had about 8 levels.