Week 2, day 2.

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Bonjour !
I am having severe problems with uploading photos. it seems that my laptop doesn`t like quebec.
but, here are some photos I managed to upload at the library.

We visited a church that was strangely very commerical. It was really pretty outside, though.

this was my pastry, vol au vent. I thought it would be filled with something wonderful and delicious, but alas, it was only filled with …nothingness. you are supposed to fill it with your own yumminess.

This is in the downtown, Trois Rivieres.


this was an overpriced panini, that was cold in the middle from Press Cafe. The waitresses were very nice though.

this croissant looked better than it tasted. =(

Yesterday, Julie and I went for a walk. This saturday we are going to visit Quebec City! Je suis tres excite.

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